Friday, November 12, 2010

What have I done?

I've thought about doing this for a long time, but as per my usual procrastinative (is that a word?) nature, I've put it off.

I'm starting today because of my experience with buffalo and Lissa. Not related other than she's warped like me and wanted to read something I'd written for a weekly newspaper about buffalo.

Then there's Jan who's addicted to venison..... intention is to put forth some already published articles I've written for the Frankston Citizen News---a top-notch small town newspaper in sleepy east Texas. I of course, live in wide-awake Lubbock and hope, even though I can't name names in the articles, I pray people don't come and hunt me down after reading them!

The picture is of me when I was 9; full of grandeur ideas of becoming an actress, ballet dancer or writer. I chose writing and though I'm not as good as I'd like, I have lots of friends who are and kind enough to prompt me to continuing my dream. Other reasons include living in Luling didn't lean toward acting (although some friends might think I still 'perform') and I'm not graceful enough to do ballet.

I do wield a mean pen though......

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