Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chick Flicks

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar

Standing in a grocery line a while back, I glanced at a magazine courting the sexiest men alive. Keep in mind the key factor “alive”-- far be it a dead sexy guy.

The picture of a young man who is the new G.I. Joe popped out. He was also in a movie about a kid from the wrong side of the tracks who meets girl from the right side and they mix his type of dance with hers.

For those not chick-flick savvy that means hip-hop and ballet.

Notice ugly or ill built people never play these parts. Not that we’d notice, right? Men can drool and talk all they want about the merits of some woman they don’t know, but we women can spot a hunk.

Bree, Prof, and I went to the movie. Staggering age-wise, we still had the same love of chick-flicks on occasion sans husbands.

As the movie progresses and we snack on popcorn and diet cokes, Mr. Sexy dons a tank top and tights rather than his usual sweats.

Popcorn stops mid-air. Bree and I drooled and not because of popcorn while commenting how nice he looked. Okay, he was drop dead gorgeous.

The prof (and youngest) gasped she just couldn’t see him that way because he looked like her brother.

We simultaneously let these words escape our mouths: “You’re brother has a body like that?”

“No! He looks like him!”

Again, simultaneously, “You were looking at his face???”

Prof dropped the popcorn, covered eyes and ears and pronounced herself too young for this!

Bree and I looked at each other knowing she’d grow up someday to enjoy the finer artistic value of chick-flicks.

While in line paying for yet another chick-flick, I noticed the same young man is G.I. Joe. I commented I wanted to see it and yet another friend asked why I’d want to?

A man buying tickets in front of us commented “Yeah, why?”

I didn’t know this guy and the real reason I want to see the movie is because G.I. Joe was ‘the thing’ when my son was young.

However, I couldn’t help myself.

“Have you seen that guy without a shirt?” came rolling off my tongue.

The poor man sputtered, “No.”

Friend laughed out loud.

“That’s why.”

What does this say?

Chick-flicks are aesthetic to the eye.

Don’t stand in line with me.

If so, don’t ask questions


  1. You know I would not be asking such questions. I would ask that you offer some of your popcorn when I drop mine when he pops up on screen. To repeat what the guys say, "Of course we're married, but we aren't dead. Besides, we're just looking."

  2. Why does it not work for "us"????? LOL

    I'll gladly share popcorn....and even let you have it all when Johnny Depp is onscreen.....:-)