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Thanksgiving 2009 Article

  (For those who haven't read from day one....Bree is my good friend....I gave her that name because of Bree on Desperate Housewives....yes....her house is THAT clean and she is THAT organized and yes, she likes me anyway; Prof and family are friends I work for and with; Betty Crocker is my oldest sister who won that damn award (I still don't think it's real); and Cheerie Cheerleader is the next in line sister who was a cheerleader (yeah and then there's me!); and Kathryn is my longtime friend who is the biggest mess ever for a little thing. We played havoc on SWT for several years.......) 

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar

It’s another Thanksgiving with many reasons for thanks. We’ve lived through times good and bad and have witnessed changes in technology, worship, means, and ways by which we conduct daily life.

Traditional holidays have changed. In some ways, good because we’ve incorporated many other customs and values to add to what most of us have celebrated throughout the beginning of our country.

One thing I hold dearest is freedom to practice what we love with family. One irritating thing is being told I cannot do it out loud, by display, or by tradition. So far it really hasn’t bothered me because I’m a rather loud person and please don’t tell me I can’t do something! The most challenging word mother said to me was “no” and I’d say okay and do it anyway. Kathryn helped with the “no’s” told by our mom’s. See how well we turned out?

Back to Thanksgiving.

What I love about Thanksgiving is the quietness it brings. Bree brought this to my attention when she said they were meeting family for a big meal in East Texas and then to Ft. Worth to visit daughter and go to the Tech vs. Baylor game. May I insert “Go Tech Go!” here?

“What do you mean quietness?” I asked.

She said it was her favorite holiday because there was no fuss and harried shoppers. Everyone cooks favorite items (gee where do I fit in here?) to mix in with others.

Prof, Mr. Prof and boy prof can’t wait to get to Houston to visit folks and help mom “prep” for Thanksgiving. Prof “preps” everything from research to meals at home. You gotta love her!

I thought about this and agree. The camaraderie of sharing stories, watching football, sneaking pie before meals, and not having to dress up if you don’t want; no competition, just love.

Betty Crocker is going to a Dallas Cowboy game. I’ve requested a picture with a big ol’ Cowboy player.

Cheery Cheerleader and family will be together.

We’ll celebrate without children but they’re in our hearts. Hopefully we’ve taught them to have thanksgiving in their hearts; not in a pocketbook or what’s in the fridge.

Thanksgiving is a truly an art we Americans can give to those that don’t share our traditions or beliefs. It is a blessing to contribute while we do the same with understanding theirs.

Happy Thanksgiving! Bless and be blessed!

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