Friday, November 12, 2010

Buffalo part 2

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar

Do you ever wonder why you do things you know aren’t going to work? Remember when I tried buffalo once because it is supposed to be healthy, lean, and all that stuff I can’t remember. I bought a roast and it was not favorable and certainly lacked flavor.

At the grocery, I saw ground buffalo right next to ground hamburger. I thought to myself (which was the first mistake) that ground buffalo should be better than buffalo roast (second mistake) and mixed with lean ground beef (third mistake) would be quite tasty (fourth mistake) and healthier.

I stood there long enough on the Saturday before Easter, in a crowded store that would be closed the next day contemplating my newfound thoughts on buffalo, that people coughed or cleared their throats loudly behind me in order to move me further down the meat display so they could buy meat.

I dislike grocery shoppers who know exactly what they want and have a list. Groceries probably like me better because I am an aisle shopper. In other words, I impulse buy. I don’t have lists and I don’t plan meals so it’s anybody’s guess what’s for dinner.

Hurriedly I decided the mixture would make great tacos.

The meat didn’t stink like the roast and I couldn’t decide if it was because it was mixed with beef, whatever, it was a good sign. No grease, another good sign.

It was even pleasant to the palate.

I don’t know exactly when I stopped chewing and couldn’t swallow. My cheeks were full and I looked like a squirrel with a mouth full of nuts.

I turned to see if I could escape and get rid of the goods and found four eyes staring. Max immediately went into mini-doxie prairie dog beg and husband smirked.

I tried. I really tried. It dawned on me what I was eating and truthfully, it just didn’t seem quite right.

This time was different because it tasted okay, but I started wondering where that buffalo had lived. I mean really, do you know anybody that has a herd of them?

I convinced myself I was eating an endangered species and it was attacking my taste buds because I gave in to marketers.

Finally able to swallow, I wished I weren’t a visual person, especially about food.

Husband laughed at my species connection. He even said it was ridiculous.

I don’t care. It works for me and I promise… more buffalo articles.


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