Friday, November 12, 2010

Buffalo part 1

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar

On the way to church recently, husband asked what I was thinking with such a frown.

“Kevin Costner.”

“You don’t like Kevin Costner, why are you thinking about him?”  Laughter seeped through his question.

“You know.  The movie he made with the wolves.”

“You didn’t see that movie.” It dawned on him where I was going with this train of thought.  That’s the good and the bad of being married forever.  “You’re thinking of the buffalo meat in the slow cooker, right?”


I promised I’d try it.  Husband said its leaner meat.  If that’s the case why did it stink and look dark like old roast instead of new cow roast?  Tiny gags escaped while preparing Buffy like a pot roast. I’d thought a cute name would help.  Not!

I covered him up as quickly as possible by adding veggies and water.  It could’ve been my overactive imagination, but I swear that buffalo did not smell like real roast.

Real roasts have savory smells as you walk out the door, leaving a great anticipation to come home to a nice tasty meal.  I’m sure many preachers have been invited to this type lunch after church.

Thank goodness our preacher wasn’t coming over.  Buffy didn’t smell any better coming in the door.

I put potatoes and carrots on a platter; then the leaner, better-for-you buffalo meat.  I’ll have to admit, Buffy was tender and falling apart but I couldn’t help but notice he still looked like an old roast.  He also still stunk.

I fixed husband a plate (yes he is spoiled rotten) and one for me.  I don’t like anything hot but thought of cayenne pepper sauce when husband took a bite.  I watched covertly with a keen eye trying to act as though this was no biggie. I wasn’t about to dig into Buffy until husband chewed, swallowed and didn’t choke.

He took another bite, so I took a bite. I tried. It tasted like old roast. Really. I promise. There was not freshness to it that cows have.  This might be the meat for some, but I could tell it wasn’t mine.

“Well, what do you think?”  Husband asked.

“I don’t like Kevin Costner.” I attempted to laugh with husband but decided I’d make a sandwich instead. 

A sandwich of roast beef of course.

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  1. Umm, just a hint, alisa: You're not supposed to use buffalo roadkill.