Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm on a roll here......goodwill to all?

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar

I love bargains. Someone’s ‘junk’ waits being my treasure.

Recently, preacher’s wife and I went to see a chick flick. Afterwards, I wanted to go to a Goodwill store to check the knick-knacks.

While I walked aisles of dishes checking for something to jump in my basket, Preacher’s Wife trailed along behind chattering nonstop about Matthew McWhatever’s movie. I added this was the first movie I’d seen him not bear his soul. Okay, chest. He does, after all, have other wonderful qualities–like perfect white teeth.

Minutes passed without one word. I turned to her hugging a coffee mug. I squelched laughing because of the pitiful look. Giving in, I asked what was wrong.

She held the cup to her cheek and pointed like the teacher she is to the words imprinted, “World’s Greatest Grandpa” Sighing heavily, “Some little kid gave this to grandpa and grandpa didn’t want it.”

I laughed and said, “No, some world’s greatest grandma decided to clean the cupboards and grandpa doesn’t know it’s gone.”

Later I found her petting a picture album like a puppy.

“What now?”

I braced myself knowing if grandpa’s cup bothered her, this had to be good.

“Somebody put memories in this pile.”

“You mean pictures are still inside?”

“No. It’s just sad this brand new book ended up here before the memories started.”

“Oh puh-leeze....they probably got three just like that one. Or, maybe the wedding was cancelled.” On a roll, I added, “Or maybe bride found groomzilla with the bridesmaid and ended everything before it started!”

“That’s sick, Alisa. Can’t you think of some good reason it’s here? Besides, that sounds like the movie we just saw.”

Trying to placate her strange desire to reason someone giving cups and wedding memories away, I found a perfect resolution.

“Grandpa died. He was the preacher. Bride and Groom decided to wait till Grandma’s grief abated. When Grandma brought a box of Grandpa’s stuff, she accidentally picked up the Greatest Grandpa cup and the yet happened wedding memory album.”

Not enough, she had a “rest of the story” look.

“Grandma died before she could come back and retrieve the items?”

Preacher’s Wife head shook in pity knowing I didn’t understand why she felt pain of their memories lost.

I walked out with prize in hand wondering why I didn’t wonder why my treasure was taken to Goodwill.

I guess it takes all kinds.

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