Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Don't Make Me Go To Sam's!!!!

Hey Toby, another one for you, since you just told me to go there....yech.....YOU can by 5 gallons of mayonaisse.....I like little jars from the grocery!)

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar

Husband is a Samaholic.  If you don’t know, Sam’s is a huge warehouse to buy mass amounts of “stuff” at low prices.

I hate Sam’s. Husband loves Sam’s. He can’t understand why I don’t. I try to tell him it’s like a curb appeal to a house and Sam’s just doesn’t have it. When you walk in the door this huge, and I mean colossal room overwhelms and to top it off, everything is flat. I went further to explain it was like me moving from the Austin/San Antonio area to Lubbock. It’s flat. No curb appeal.

He argues that I feel a deep affection and appreciation for Lubbock. I always have to remind him it took me a long time to understand that God went to sleep outside of San Angelo and woke up in Ruidoso because there was a strong lack of rivers, trees, hills, and people.

During that time, I’ve become fond of the plains. I’d never seen the sky touch the ground till I moved here–it always touched the trees or tops of hills–never the ground! I admit, when I go back to “my” part of Texas, I almost get claustrophobic.

Husband also is another reason I don’t like Sam’s. He drives me crazy in there! He wants to buy things, which for us are less costly at the local grocery, auto shop, clothing store or anywhere in town.

He seems to forget you save money buying in mass if you have a lot of mouths to feed, like a cafeteria in the school or stands at the football games, or the fair. Not two old people who need fiber!

We don’t have the kids at home anymore, but when one of them, or the grandkids come, he’s off to Sam’s. If he bought things kids like that would be one thing. Most kids our grandkids age really aren’t into organic peanut butter. They like the REAL kind like Jif or Skippy or store brand. This type of thing is irritating.

I always hope natural peanut butter doesn’t expire all too soon because he has to eat it.

I like Jif.

There are some good things about him going there though. When I run out of paper towels or toilet paper, it takes me forever to remember to buy it.

Needless to say, I have a good years’ supply of both in the pantry.

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