Monday, May 13, 2013

Love is a many splintered thing------

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar

Do you believe in love at first sight?

When people say they do I believe them although I’m wondering if that’s the only person they saw when they noticed the opposite sex?

I’m skeptical to say the least.

It wasn’t for hubby and me. Our first meeting I had on an Aggie T-shirt and he is all about Texas Tech. In Texas everyone knows that’s a big deal.

He’d come over with his friend who was dating my roommate.

He ignored me.

I was stunned.

I was not used to being ignored and seriously, if you know me, how do you ignore my presence? It’s hard to do, right? Please know I'm laughing as I write.

It wasn’t like I wanted to date him but I had more guy friends than gal friends because for one thing they settle differences better; and much faster. They leave shaking hands or patting each other on the back. It’s called the good old boy syndrome.

Women hold grudges. I know because I do. I don’t like it but I believe it is an inborn germ that comes with the gender. We pout, whine and get revenge. The latter is not so much my style but I do have a unique pout and whine. I silently call it “Get out of my face because I’m going to smash yours in if you say another word.”

Kind of like a guy would just say, do and get it over with.

God has a sense of humor. We’ve been married for a million years. Sometimes it seems a day and sometimes I think back to what would’ve happened if I’d had on my Longhorn T-shirt.

I guess I’m still a little miffed and that’s why I’m writing this.

I bought tickets for a friend and me to see The Flatlanders – Unplugged on September 28th. Third row middle seats - perfect!

I was a happy camper until hubby reminded me that’s the weekend we go to Amarillo to a Western Swing thingy.

The thing that irked me was he had to add “You just saw them less than a month ago.”
I couldn’t believe, this man who sees Bob Wills Playboys every time he can said that to me.

 “Listen buddy, don’t start with me,” I was seeing more than red.

 I looked up and he was grinning.

That’s when I remembered why opposites attract and I canceled my tickets.

This time.

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