Friday, February 8, 2013

Sisters on the loose----

A Dollar’s Worth

By Alisa Dollar

The May sisters have taken San Antonio. I should reword -- tried to. Golden years inhibit one’s ability to take over anything except the line to the bathroom.

Not to mention the three of us are distinctly different.

We were guests of the eldest, Betty Crocker (BC); she lives in San Antonio. Cheery Cheerleader (CC) drove in from the Campwood area. I (DA-you figure it out) flew in from Lubbock.

BC is so organized and used white sheets and towels. The latter wouldn’t surprise many, especially CC because she too loves white. I’m thinking I missed out on white because I like lots of colors.

We went to see a movie the first night called Quartet. It’s about old people. It was delightful, and with the exception of having no musical talent and not being British, I felt right at home. Very funny movie, unless of course it gets too close to home and one identifies too closely.

We saw one other movie, Stand Up Guy. It was about old people. Do you see a theme? I was the only one who liked it though so I'm not sure just how good it really might be. It's about how gangsters of old days had honor. Different concept than today’s gangsters I suppose.

We went shopping at the outlet mall near San Marcos and BC and CC can get down and dirty shopping. I tagged along and bought things here and there, but it was nice to not have to get things.

It was during this time I realized I was going to need another piece of luggage. I'd packed to the hilt coming and there was no way I was going to get home, and at this time I was very proud I hadn't bought shoes!

That was taken care of when we went to TJMaxx to buy the luggage. Low top grey converse shoes jumped in my basket. Luckily they were my size.

I'm going to have to shorten this week's article as I am typing in an unfamiliar word processor that BC swears will convert to Word, plus the both of them are trying to read over my shoulder and asking for ghost writing privileges.

I know they want to report that I took the guest house this weekend and accidentally flushed a lemon peel down the toilet.

That would be an incorrect tattletale because it actually got hung and overflowed.

CC was sure I wouldn't tell anyone I'd done that; I believe I've proved her wrong.

More later on the sister escapade, but for now, I'm a nervous wreck with my "help" and leave with a "to be continued" at later dates.

It is very nice to be back in this area and to visit with the sisters.

We are all still alive and even smiling.

Well alive anyway.




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