Thursday, December 27, 2012

So. Maybe DWTS is a little out of touch for me....

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar

Anyone had a dingbat moment? I just had a whole weekend. Not known for my gracefulness, I exceeded my own expectations.

Everything started well. I bounced out of bed Saturday morning—okay I drug myself out of bed with a mission of cleaning out closets and getting rid of clothes (for real this time) to take to Salvation Army.

I left a huge wood box of books because I didn’t think Salvation Army would take books of a spicy nature.

I made dinner of scrambled eggs, sausage crumbles (did you know you can buy those already cooked and crumbled?) and hash browns. I balanced the plate of goodies, a diet coke and napkin and headed for the computer room. Max was bouncing along beside me.

I usually go straight to my chair so I didn’t turn the light on and therefore I’d forgotten the huge box of spicy books----until I tripped and dived over them head first into my chair, which thankfully, was facing the disaster in the making.

My dinner was in the chair; Max was dancing and yipping around my feet. I must add here I’d recently visited Doc Jolly with a toe so infected he wouldn’t touch it and was on mega antibiotics.

Max was uncaring of my poor bloody toe while I was screaming bloody loud. He was uncaring I put a huge knot on my other leg. He had food on the brain.

I must have really good bones because I never break anything except my pride.

Max feasted while I hobbled to turn on the light and move the spicy box. I wanted to kick it it to the corner but didn’t dare.

If that wasn’t enough Sunday before church I put a roast, potatoes and carrots into the slow cooker for dinner. Around 4 I checked and it wasn’t where I thought it should be. I touched the cooker; it was cold. I told husband I needed a new cooker.

Rather than give me the benefit of doubt he asked if it was plugged in. I would love to tell you I need a new cooker; instead all I’m saying is we are having roast for tommorrow night's dinner.

Daughter’s friend suggested I get a light clapper.

I’m wondering if there is a multi-task clapper for lights and keys and cookers. Maybe even flash drives!

Husband said they would be clapping all time.

I get no respect.

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  1. Ah, alisa, this is why we get along so well. We are so much alike. I think God must have needed a few laughs the days we were born.