Thursday, October 4, 2012

Quit sending me for plumbing supplies!!!!

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar

Early June marked my 67th year to be in this wonderful and amazing world. After the weekend, I wasn’t sure if hubby was going to make it to his 68th in August. I also realized, again, that we’d never make it in a mom-n-pop business.

It’s called plumbing.

We’re having a houseful of company over the next month and our townhouse is going to be covered over each square foot with adults, teenagers, a toddler and Max, the weenie dog.

The faucet leak in the guest bath needed repair.

What does husband do? He takes off to Western Swing world in Snyder. Fine with me, I can do a lot when he isn’t there to “help” but buying faucets is not my thing.

As much as I shop at Wal-Mart I was so sick of them by the time our project was finished I’m not sure but what they had greeters on the lookout for me to warn the faucet area.

I picked a faucet but forgot the hook-up hoses. I asked husband why he didn’t tell me about those.

He didn’t know I didn’t know.

Do I look like I would know?

After four hours of spewing water, wet towels, and words I can’t repeat, husband realized the faucet was at default.

Oh really? Clues?

He put the old one back and no spews at the hoses, still dripping. He was sure the faucet was the defect, or the hose, or me for picking both.

I’d bought tickets to The Flatlanders which was my birthday present to me.

We met friends for dinner before the concert and I very nearly ordered a bottle of Tequila, but settled on two margaritas. One at a time of course.

The Flatlanders were the best ever. However, lurking in the back of my mind was the leaky faucet.

I’m sure the return clerk at Wal-Mart wished she’d not asked “why” – because I told her.

At a large home improvement store, I never dreamed a bathroom faucet could be so competitive.

I remembered the hose and added putty stuff, a putty knife, WD-40 (that’s good for everything).

I did ask first and come to find out the hoses were wrong. I was reading the wrong end or something.  Good grief.

In less than an hour the sink’s completed. No leaks. No spews.

He will make it to 68 after all.

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