Saturday, September 1, 2012

BIg Mac and Fries?

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar

Stephen King says of himself “I am the equivalent of a Big Mac and Fries.”

When I first read that I laughed because that man cries all the way to the bank, right?

I am fascinated by his works and when I really want to scare myself, I read one of his books.

Before I allow myself to be frightened, I wonder how this man created such horror. He is sorta scary looking but from all accounts he is relatively normal. Whatever "normal" might be.

He was asked once why he wrote such terrifying stories to which he replied “Why do you assume I have a choice?”

Being somewhat a writer I do understand “muses” and while mine generally just amuses me, I do wonder how he and other horror writers can see such intensity. I visualize every word I write and read.  In fact I am making a face as I type trying to see into their minds.

My favorite book by King is “The Stand” because it’s something I can actually imagine happening.

Once my dryer was on the blitz and I had taken all our clothes to the laundry and took up eight washers and five dryers.

During the wash and dry cycles I read The Stand.

When I read-- I’m in the book. When I’m at the movie-- I’m in the movie.

Stephen King is extremely descriptive. Lost in the book I was surrounded by rats and all alone because everyone had been eliminated. It was then I screamed bloody murder.

Some poor child had accidentally fallen into to me.

He cried. His mom immediately went into mama bear mode. I tried to grab my book which was flying through the air.

He’s really that good.

I see King more of a big bowl of Fritos with hot spicy chili pouring through the nooks and crannies with cheese melting between the two and a big plop of onions on the top.

You know, extremely appetizing but indigestion lurks slowly; you just don't know when it will strike.

It made me wonder what kind of writer I am.

I thought of a Whataburger with cheese. I love Whataburger,

Then I decided depending on the genre I could be Blue Bell Vanilla Bean with chocolate syrup melting down the sides into swirls of cream and caramel.

Or I could just be a writer.

Or better yet, just try to be.

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