Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bullies are not cool.....

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar

On Facebook one leaves a status relaying a message to anyone allowed as a friend. Several messages lately are reminding students ready to start classes to be mindful of those alone or being bullied or both.

It used to be perfectly okay to knock the soup out of someone who tried to bully or make light of clothing or hair or brains or societal standing. It was okay for someone to knock the soup out of said bully in someone’s stead should they be unable to stand up for themselves. All metaphorically speaking- - of course.

It was okay for a teacher to send someone to the office for discipline which may or may not include a swat on the “brain” of a person who finds satisfaction in being habitually cruel to a peer or a teacher.

It was okay for administration to administer whatever discipline was needed in order to teach said person respect while on school grounds. Most times, isolation is a fantastic deterrent.

There’s something inherently out of balance when society seemingly creates a situation that a bully is protected more than a victim of said browbeater.

What’s happened when some parents think their child can do no wrong and other parents who think their child can do nothing right; and a school where teachers are afraid to speak out for fear of losing their job or worse yet, losing government money?

Far from believing corporal punishment is the answer, I do believe a strict policy should be in place for students who can’t follow rules or are abusive to other children or teachers.

As communities, peer, teachers, administration, we need to pay attention to what’s going on. Most of us think “it doesn’t happen here” or “my child would never ignore the “fill in the blank” going on around them.”

The fact is: it happens everywhere.

Be aware. There are usually signs.

Kids out there, don’t be a wuss and fall into being a part of something you know is wrong just to be in the “in” group, or worse yet, not noticed.

Be noticed!  Take an active role in reporting physical abuse and befriend those being treated poorly by taunts.

Bullies, be mindful behind your back the whispers flourish. You’re not cool. Own it.

I’m thinking maybe send those rebel-rousers to parents’ homes or offices.

Bet they get sent back with halos……very quickly.

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