Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Window Faces Whatever Way it Faces......

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar

My Window Faces South is one of husband’s favorite songs. He says he doesn’t listen to lyrics and I’m a lyric person. I decided to find the words.

They made no sense! I told him that on the way to visit a friend in the hospital. He said why? I proceeded to tell him why would you be halfway to heaven if your window faces south; wouldn’t heaven be north? And if it’s snowing would there even be cotton fields? And what on earth did the Suwannee have to do with the window?

Husband gracefully and humbly (how it pains me to write that) said he didn’t know the lyrics, he loved the music but from the convoluted explanation I gave, he said he could quickly give a succinct and correct connotation in one word.

I smartly said, “Yeah? What?”


“That is ridiculous and you know it, you just don’t listen to lyrics so now you are making up meanings!” I accused.

“Think about it….and remember the era it was written.” He starts off like I’m some kid. “He is away from home, probably up north since it is snowing. His window faces south, which would be where he is from.”

“Get outta here!” I interject not so quietly.

He ignores me, which is normal since he has selective hearing, and continues, “He’s halfway to heaven because he faces what he left behind and loves….the south, cotton fields and so on.”

I got really quiet for two reasons. One it sounded reasonable and two it made me mad that he didn’t even KNOW the words till I told him and he got that!

I conceded he might be right.

The next day after church, Bree, Speedy and husband and I were at lunch. Yes the preacher has to put up with the four of us.

I was telling the story exactly as above. Bree looked at husband and says, “She doesn’t know her directions, and has decided that north is heaven?”

Husband shrugs a “well consider the source” shrug and she has the nerve to laugh.

Speedy didn’t say a word and I have to say admit I was on the verge of thanking him for not making fun of me.

I should’ve known better.

 “I guess I won’t go to heaven then.”


“If I have to go through Amarillo, I’m not going!”

They all laughed.

I did too. What else could I do?


  1. That's why I had to change my wicked ways and get baptized. I sure didn't wanna go through Lubbock to get where I was headed.

  2. LOL!!!!! I hear ya! There's prolly lettuce here!