Monday, May 9, 2011

Memorial Day is close....a time to remember our fallen men and women....

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar

Traditionally Memorial Day was celebrated on May 30th each year. The National Holiday Act of 1971 changed the remembrance to the third Monday of May. This allows for a three day weekend across the country.

Many veterans feel the significance of this holiday which began in mid-1860 is lost and we celebrate having a long weekend rather than “why” we have the extra day. Many want Memorial Day to return to May 30th so the day will stand out by falling on different days within the week.

I’ve visited the national cemetery in Washington, D.C. and the Viet Nam Memorial. There are many more areas in which our countries fallen are recognized.

I didn’t understand until seeing the stark, clean and neat rows in the cemetery. It was then the realization hit me – these men and women, unknown to me, for many years before my birth through to the present, gave their life. 

How often do we truly think to thank them? How often do we stop and wonder who and how many these soldiers left behind? How do we honor the service that ended in the stark, clean and neat rows?

What do we say to those who search fervently for a name on the Viet Nam Memorial? When found, a flower, a flag, a note is left in reverence to a memory long past.

Memorial Day is just one day. One day we must take the time to remember we are free and that freedom is not without cost.

Memorial Day is America’s way of observing as a nation, our fallen.

Memorial Day has been swept aside in most places. However, there are still barbeques, celebrations and parades; speeches given; and poppies pinned to lapels.

We are reminded daily to thank our soldiers. Memorial Day is a reminder to be thankful for our fallen soldiers from the inception to present.

Were it not for the people who’ve willingly given of their time, separated from loved ones, where would we, as American’s, be?

The thing is we should celebrate Memorial Day every day. A life for my life is more important than having an extra day off from work.

A soldier doesn’t have that privilege if on the battleground.

Let us remember to take the time each day and give thanks to those serving our country in the past and the present.

We are truly blessed.

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