Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pink Pig Love

(This was not published because, I guess, it was to risque for the newspaper!!! This was Christmas last year.)

Maxwell Smart Dollar, our 18 month old miniature dachshund had a really great Christmas. I have to go back to when he first came; husband had said no more dogs (we’d just lost our beloved border collie Freckles). I thought fine until I fell in love with the most precocious tri-color mini-doxi and he bought me. It was love at first sight.
Daughter and kids were here when he arrived and immediately wrapped husband and them around his paw which is attached to his playful and animated personality. He was spoiled rotten. Everyone loved him and he loved everyone.
Daughter had brought a huge stuffed pink pig which Max immediately thought was his. It was quite funny seeing a five pound long skinny body with short legs running around dragging Pink Pig by the tail. It was love at first sight.
It was a riot until, unfortunately, Max fell in love with Pink Pig. I was horrified because I’d never had male dogs and didn’t know they showed their uh…..affection quite so openly. Funny at first, it became downright embarrassing. He was "in love" with Pink Pig. Really. In. Love.
Pink Pig went to dumpster land because Max couldn’t mind his manners. You’d think he’d have forgotten about her.  We found out that wasn’t so.
Bree and Speedy came over to exchange gifts. She brought me a stuffed red Elvis, with a mop of black hair, a cape and sunglasses! Max wanted Elvis until she put a tiny pink pig in front of him and I kid you not, Max grabbed Tiny Pink Pig and ran around in circles and disappeared down the hall and came back prancing around like he’d won the lottery.
All we could do was laugh.
The reason we know he remembers his first true love, is because Max is OCD (in our house that means Obsessive Compulsive Doggie) with stuffed toys. When he’s given one, it is like clockwork seeing how long it takes to get all the stuffing out, find the squeaker and drag the leftovers around to play pull and tug.
Tiny Pink Pig is in perfect condition. He carries her around by her little curvy tail. He brings her to lie down beside me to nap with her. It's so ridiculous I almost feel badly about dumping Pink Pig…I had no idea!
New pink pig is small and hopefully Max has grown up.
I’d like to think so.
I doubt it though.
He is a male.  

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