Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Martha Stewart Where ARE YOU?????

(This happened before we left for Phoenix to see Jenny and after Thanksgiving about 3 years ago)......

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar

I was reading last week’s paper and saw a headline “Kitchen Fire…..” and stopped cold before reading the rest. I still haven’t read, but must to make sure everyone is fine.

About three years ago, I decided in late fall to fry some okra I’d put in the freezer. Now mind you, it did not come from Mac’s absolutely wonderful farmer’s market. I still can’t believe all the choices of fresh vegetables and fruit he had when I went there with Kathryn. 

My okra came from the grocery and was farm grown (I supposed everything is, but this was ‘fresh fresh’). I always buy okra and peas when I can.

I’d put this in the freezer ready to fry….sliced with healthy doses of cornmeal shaken about evenly.

It was close to Thanksgiving and I decided one Saturday we needed to have fried okra and almost, but not quite fresh tomatoes. Here again, they were hot house but not near like Mac had.

I put canola oil in the pan (one must be healthy while frying, right?) and did the most irresponsible thing I can think of for that moment. Or that’s what husband said anyway.

I went to check my email. And yes, I forgot the oil I’d left on the burner to ready for the okra.

I heard husband yelling before I heard the fire alarm. I ran into the kitchen and there was smoke everywhere!

Husband had turned the burner off, but with electric that doesn’t do much. I thought he was telling me to take it outside.

My brain only works in emergencies involving the dog and my kids. I knew I was in trouble with husband and I knew I was wrong to not have stood there watching the stupid oil get ready.

In my eagerness to please (no laughing please) I picked up the pan and ran to the front door pouring hot grease here and there over carpet and myself.

When I got outside I wondered what I was supposed to do with it when husband ran out with a horrified look. He’d put the fire out he’d started trying to grab the pan with a kitchen towel and ran after me.

After ER, new kitchen and living room flooring, that was the most expensive okra I’d never eaten.

I got a fry daddy too.

Just in case.

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