Monday, January 16, 2012

To 2012.....

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar

Another year is here and I’ve had my black eye peas and cornbread. That means it’s going to be a good year. I don’t know how that idea came around, but I’m not about to disrupt the notion it brings good luck.

I must still be in the Christmas spirit, I’ve been buying bags and tissue and ornaments half price. I just hope I can find them next year.

As I reflect over the past year, I realize I have the best of the best. Husband and I made it to 44 years of marriage and we are alive, well and looking forward to our 45th anniversary in November.

My two kids are in their world of parenting and experiencing those things they are sure “we” never did.

Daughter has two teenagers so you know what they say about payback. And yes, it is fun to watch. Son has a six-month old daughter, so his trek has just begun. Again, fun to watch.

Good thing they both have spouses who help them along the highways and byways of raising kids.

I have great grandkids so there should never be a problem. All they have to do is put Nana on speed dial. Wait, I don’t think people even use speed dial anymore. Whatever, I’m available. Always!

My two sisters and their respective families are all doing well and even though I get chewed out periodically for not checking in, we have a good relationship and keep up. I think with our parents and brother gone, we know we are the only ones left who can pass stories along to our children and grandchildren. I have a few on my sisters, but I’ve been paid to not relate them. Actually it’s more threatened.

Lastly I have an array of friends I’ve been blessed with over the years, many of whom I’ve known since childhood. If you’re counting, that is a very long time. We can bicker like sibling, but we make up and keep those special bonds that reach back to a time that keeps us grounded in our roots; the beginnings that formed who we are today.

I look forward to another year of continued success in my personal life.

Through times that another day seems impossible, it’s my family, friends and faith in God that make those bad days pass faster to a better tomorrow.

Happy 2012!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sweating is not fun!

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar

It’s already into the New Year and I’ve broken a few unwritten, unspoken, but thought of resolutions.

I gave up writing promises to myself years ago. It's just better to break them when not written.

Usually it takes me longer than 10 days to start my downhill treadmill of shame.

I’ve lost 12 pounds since the first of December and my new year was to begin gym without complaining.

The good thing is I’ve started back to the gym. Carefully because I have two fake knees and a faulty shoulder, but I’ve started going.

The bad thing….I have an aversion to sweat. Thus, I complain.

You’d think with two unwritten, unspoken, thought of resolutions I could make it further into the year.

Not so.

I don’t understand why other people look good in sweat and seem to revel in those droplets drooling down well toned and flexing biceps on bodies to die for.

Men and women alike flex, stretch and bend to perfect reflections of themselves in the mirror.

What’s this obsession with mirrors? In a gym…sweating.

There are many more similar to me at the gym; it’s just hard to see them lurking in the shadows. They too are hovering in cynical reaction of the Bodies’ Beautiful and as far away from the mirrors as possible and still work out.

Bodies’ Beautiful all have the “right” clothing and shoes. Not only do they sweat prettily, they look pretty while doing so.

Spandex is queen (and king) in a gym these days.

No way am I dragging myself to the gym in clothes that take me more time to put on, much less take off with the added sweat.

I suppose if I really cared what I looked like while torturing myself, I’d wear prettier and newer sweats and t-shirts.

Since I don’t care, I wear the baggiest I can find with t-shirts just as baggy and seldom the same color. Plus all my t-shirts have something on them.

The last one I wore was Kinky Friedman. The one before that was Willie Nelson. It’s somehow comforting they sweat it out with me.

I’ve mentally added another resolution for the husband’s safety.

That being to not hurt him when I come home hot, tired, mad and sweaty and he looks at me and says, “Did you have fun?”

He just can’t seem to stop himself.