Sunday, May 13, 2012

Technology is Wonderful!

Note: Last year's Mother's Day article!

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar

I hope every mother had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I had a particularly good one because I got to “see” my kids even though one is in Arizona and the other in Istanbul.

Granddaughter’s been after me to download Skype, a program to make video calls and it’s free.

Bree and Speedy visit their son in Brazil on Skype, but it took granddaughter wanting me to meet her boyfriend to get myself in gear and download it. She’s convincing.

The first person I “saw” was granddaughter and boyfriend. I have to hand it to him, he’s very brave to meet Nana and Pop via cyber airwaves; between the two of us we teased beyond what one should upon first meeting. He fielded all the probing questions well. I suspect he’s a keeper.

That evening daughter was on with granddaughter and once again we had fun talking and seeing each other.

What amazing technology.

On Mother’s Day, son and daughter-in-law in Istanbul visited via Skype and it was wonderful!

Why did did it take so long to download this wonderful program? We’ve kept up on Messenger and email, but not seeing them for a year made this Mother’s Day special for me and husband.

They are having their first child this summer. Already excited, the thought of seeing her when she is first born is beyond excitement! I’ll meet her in person come September when I travel to Istanbul. Content with that, I couldn’t help but be pre-excited about Pop and I seeing her earlier.

Her Auntie and family in Arizona are equally exited.

This new baby symbolizes all that encompasses Mother’s Day.

A new life brought into a family, on both sides; eager to nurture, teach and yes, spoil.

I’ve learned over the years, a child teaches me. Anyone who takes the time can hear and/or see happiness and sadly, distress.

By texting, I know when grandchildren are happy, sad, or angry. Technology allows me to converse and hopefully shield by offering love and support.

I’m thankful to be a mom.

Moms through adoption or foster care are a special favor upon children who are gifts from God.

Moms of special needs children are just special. 

Love comes with many tests and though some are tested greatly, a mother’s love is a blessing.

May all children be blessed by the nurturing love of a mother.

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