Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cookies and Memories.......

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar

Christmas reminds me of sugar cookies and candy. Actually granddaughter reminded me. We were texting and she told me her friends were coming over to help make cookies. I told her that reminded me of when her mother would invite friends over and we made the biggest mess making and decorating sugar cookies.

Son of course not wanting to act as though he enjoyed the process was the teacher. Maybe this was the groundwork for his future.

Husband walked in to be greeted by floury hands and doughy hugs. He ate oddly shaped angels, bells and Santa’s as though they were the prettiest any bakery could deliver.

Cheery Cheerleader lived 70 miles away and many years had daughter for the weekend for annual Christmas candy making. I tried candy but since I could induce “Never Fail Fudge” to fail, I opted for messy cookie queen.

One year we picked her up during an open house Cheery’s family was having. Daughter whisked me to a table of yummy appetizers.

She pointed to a snake-like pecan covered thing that looked dead. I was speechless which isn't the norm for me. I just didn’t have the words.

She excitedly pointed to fudge that had a little finger poke and then a stack of wildly decorated sugar cookies.

I finally uttered a profound “wow” about the time Cheery came up and daughter skipped off to greet guests.

Offhand I can’t remember what my sister said to me; all I know is that she made a little girl feel like a princess baker and hostess that year and it’s lasted many years after.

My friends this is Christmas.

Cheery served choked-to-death pecan rolls, smashed fudge and animated sugar cookies at a party for neighbors and friends.

It still makes me tear up when I think of it. I may have even told daughter she might grow up and win the Betty Crocker award. Just kidding, but I couldn’t leave other sister out. She did let Cheery and I wear her pin after all.

It gives my heart a tug to know that same little girl has grown up into a mom that has her kids friends over to make a big mess (or not, maybe she is more like her aunties) and allows them the real spirit of sharing not money, not gifts, but memories full of aroma and laughter and joy.

Merry Christmas!

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