Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Rangers.......

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar         

I don’t know which is scarier—Halloween or the World Series. I know this is a far stretch for most, but I’ve had to make myself watch the playoffs and the World Series because the Texas Rangers made it for the first time.

That should excite me, but since I’m not a big baseball fan (because it’s long and slow and boring) I have to fake the excitement although there have been moments I’ve been caught up in the wave of Ranger-itis.

I have friends (Bree) who get downright exuberant over this game. Husband follows the Texas teams and relates information to me during the season. In the past, that hasn’t been much.

Of late, between him, Bree, TV, and the news my brain is in Ranger overflow. That’s not a bad thing, but I wonder if I’m the only person who resents my regular shows being off during this time?

I almost feel unpatriotic.

Halloween on the other hand is one weekend at best.

Churches prepare for carnivals or “trunk or treat” for community children. Some people decorate the outside of their houses inviting the little ones to come knocking at the door.

Older “children” have parties and everyone dresses up for best costume prize. I never had much luck getting husband to do that. He says his regular get up is scary enough.

This Halloween I found myself sick.

Really sick—not just sick of baseball and Halloween candy.

I had to miss the youth service at church and some of my favorite little trick-or-treaters because I can barely stand myself much less inflict my head cold upon others.

So, Halloween night I was left holding a bag of candy watching the World Series and the Rangers were not winning.

I’ve come to the conclusion, I and others like me, are just plain bad luck.

The best thing about the game was when two past presidents of the United States, who happen to be father and son, came out and the younger threw the first pitch.

That had to be a historical moment whether you like them or not.

Every time the camera went to them, the elder president’s wife was scoring the game like she probably did as a Little League mom. I would’ve had to learn that if mine had played.

For the record, I really do want the Rangers to win the series.

And soon.

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