Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fill er' up!

A Dollar’s Worth
By Alisa Dollar

I have a gas problem. Not that kind. Gasoline. I’ve run out so many times it’s not funny.

I worked for an oil company which also had a full service gas station.

I knew I was low, but decided I’d fill up later. It happened five feet from the pumps. I didn’t know what to do. I figured Daddy Boss was shaking his head “I can’t believe that woman!”

Baby Boy, exasperated saying “I told you we shouldn’t have hired her for accounting, she’s nuts!”

Daddy Boss understood my lack of attentiveness to gas gauges had nothing to do with my outstanding accounting abilities with his oil company.

He came out as I rolled down the window. On the verge of an interesting, yet unconnected reasoning for my problem, he speaks.

“Put the car in neutral.”


It occurred to me when he cringed I should do what people tell me when I’m in a precarious and stranded place. I try. I really do. The curiosity overwhelms me to immediately question rather than comply.

Some would say it’s called “blonde.”  I call it brain food.

He pushed me to the pump and filled my car all the while talking to himself how this looked for business. Standing beside him I tried to ease the situation by telling him to look on the glass half full side and people would see that he’d do anything to sell gas.

He gave me a “be quiet” look. I obeyed.

Recently, after filling up, I waited to turn left on a busy street. The car behind me honked and I waved (it might’ve been someone I knew). I heard the honk again.

I don’t do road rage, but thought to myself how impatient can one be turning left on a busy street?

The next day, a co-worker came in and said my gas cap was hanging down.

“That’s why they honked.” escaped before I could stop.

Bree looked at me with one of those you’ve got to be kidding looks.

“Doesn’t your dash have a light when you’re gas cap is off?”

“It might. I don’t know. I didn’t look.”

Amazing, right? Everyone laughed and I thought that was the end.

Later in the month, Bree came in laughing saying she’d seen a hanging gas cap and had the urge to honk.

One thing I’ve learned is you just can’t run from your past.

Or drive.

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